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What Is Svelte Kit

In this video, find out what Svelte & Svelte Kit are. We talk about how Svelte Kit can improve your web apps for both developer and user experience.



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14 days ago

@bobo Gotta defend Scott on this one. Wholeheartedly disagree with you bobo, his catalog is perfect for his audience and if he taught the stuff you listed I would stop paying. You should go to plural sight for that content.

16 days ago

I like you but you abut think you are watering down the value of the site by adding this type of lollipop tech. Picking tech that isnt in demand for professionals. Devs need things like AWS, AZURE, algorithmic code, functional code, OOP, js completely anything js, node, that type of stuff.

Just think these wont help people my 2cents and happy to pay more to get that content :D

16 days ago

first had to do it.

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